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Hi there.

I have mostly negative feelings regarding the ressurected DB series called "super", it has some good moments yet the negatives are way too visible for me.

Here is the list of what I think is wrong with dragon ball super:

- Story. The story for dragon ball super is ... childisch, we have 2016, there were many great anime series after db z ended that showed the audience how to make something modern and awesome, serious yet funny at moments, but db super fails on all the levels. We don't have any real threat, no seriousness, when db z was enjoyable for adults, db super is made only for young children-that is how i feel.

-Simple design for characters/ bad animation. It is 2016, dragon ball is probably the best known anime series to mankind, so why it has soo fricking bad animation. Dragon ball z, starting from freeza saga to the end of Buu saga had better animation. Character designs are way too simple, and I know akira likes his characters to be simple but... personally I dont share his opinion on this.

-Power levels/ transformations/super saiyan god/blue. What the hell happened to super saiyan 2 and super saiyan 3 ?!  They were cool, the story arcs they were introduced were great, yet now they seem to dont exist anymore. I can deal with goku or Vegeta training, so their base ssj 1 gets stronger, they get overall much stronger, but still- there was a limit to ssj 1 power, and when that limit was broken they turned into ssj 2, same goes for ssj 3. goku and Vegeta perfected ssj 2 at the end of DB z, and goku had ssj 3- why not to explore more this level, what if goku perfected it. It was the first time some gods feelt the energy of ssj 3 across dimentions...that is beyond me why they ommitting those two power levels in db super. Why Vegeta goes ssj blue, is as strong as goku (before using kaioken), but didnt achieved ssj 3...
And the design- making those bulky, muscular characters into anorectics from naruto... not cool
ssj blue- yep- that is soo original, changing color of ssj 1 and naming it a new level/transformation- soo original and cool- i love sarcasm.

-super saiyan god/pink/anorectic- whole idea behind ssj god is retarted. "5 saiyans give energy to 6'th and bam- he has now more power than ssj 3, "first ssj god came to existence to battle the evil saiyans"-get it- battle the "evil" saiyans...did the creators of db super forgotten who saiyans were, they commited genocide on planetary level, they conquered planets, wiped out the top species on the planets they were send to conquere. Ruthless warriors, killers without remorse, power hungry evil bastards- so I think- who were the evil saiyans that were defeated by the first ssj god since the ones we all know aren't rolemodels and symphatetic like Goku( who too would be a seriall killer if not the hit to the head as an infant). Saiyans give energy and bam-here we have ssj god...saiyans gave energy to Goku many times...ehh,no reaso nto blabble about it- it has no sense at all. and the design is fucking retarted.

-What happened to supporting characters- I like goku, and Vegeta is my favorite character, but Making all the supporting characters obselete, not using them is a let down.

-Bad guys. Well we didnt have any true bad guys/enemies so far, Freeza- was done to deaths many times before and yet they used him again, gave him gold trim and bam. Bills- he is not an enemy- just an entity of incredible power.  We have yet to see some true villains for db super, the introduction of returning of Futurre Trunks, Evil "black Goku" so we might yet get some good villains-I seriously doubt it since so far db super was a letdown on all levels, but the hardcore fan in me wants this series to become great once again-byt i strongly doubt it will become good again :/

And now some positives:

-the universal tournament between universe 7 and 6 was pretty nice, done rather well. I liked the power diffrence between lets say Vegeta and..that skinny saiyan, or freeza clone (dont remember their names they were so uninteresting). Vegeta ssj getting punched with full force by the nevly transformed ssj without any damage done was good- how would they explain that nevly transtormed ssj 1 could do any damage to someone who mastered the ssj 1 and 2-remember-weak ssj 1 was stronger than 100% freeza, and mastered ssj 1 was waaaay stronger than Cell in his second form-that was good. Same goes for Vegeta vs Freeza clone- one punch and it ended-this is how ressurection of F should have ended. Making freeza more powerfull than ssj 3 was retarted, the explanation for it was fricking idiotic. How in the name of space godzilla could freeza come from lets say- level on parr with ssj 1(his 100% perfect form), to fricking being stronger than ssj 3...fucks logic

-other universes-with other universes there is endless possibilities to make db super good, but we will have to wait for that, wait and see

Do you agree/ disagree- share your opinion :)


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Will edit later...

I see what you'r doing...You sick sick human being...

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While I disagree with your opinion of modern dragon ball movies and series, I have to say your are one of the best DBZ fan artist on this site
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Blackpimpin Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
While I have to disagree with your opinion on the modern dragon ball movies and series, but your art style is epic and manly AF. In fact I'll go as far as to say that your the best DBZ artist on this site (as far as I've seen).
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Co powiedziałbyś na rysunek przedstawiający twojego OC 'nabijającego się' z Pan, której martwe czy tam poobijane ciało leżałoby obok? Mam ochotę machnąć coś takiego, ale potrzebuję twojej opinii i zgody.
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